Crescent Hill Black  Herefords, LLC

Lifetime Member of the ABHA and the AHA



About Us

I have been in the cattle business for 14 years now.  I started out with my first cow when I was 9 years old.  It has always been my dream to start a registered herd and now that is coming true. Our son is a two years old and already enjoys being around our cattle.  My Wife and I both teach and coach which makes  for some interesting calving seasons and some long days and nights. We were drawn to the black hereford breed because I have always loved Hereford cattle but running so few of head I could not stand the discount that herefords(unfairly) get at the sale barn.  That is when we discovered Black Herefords, they have the same great dispostion that Herefords have as well as the foragibility.  The one big bonus is the black hide its what we call the best of both worlds.  Our goal is to be at this for a long time and create something that we can pass on for generation to generation. 

This is a picture of my late Grandpa Harold Watson and his hereford calves.  Herefords have always been in our blood. On the truck is my grandpa, Mom, and Aunt.