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High Roller is one of the most exciting youmg Black Hereford bulls in the ABHA.  He is homozygous black and homozygous polled.  He is a son of Jo Black Jack 4217.  High Roller should combine the calving ease of Black Jack but be loaded with performance and power! His maternal side traces back to Tundra on the Hereford side and Final Answer on the Angus side.  We own this bull in partnership with Jo Bulls and Jenkins Cattle Ranch.  Semen is avliable on this bull for $30 a straw and registration certificates are $50


CHBH Bullseyes Hero 8431

Hero is a very exciting young herdsire.  He is homozygous black and homozygous polled.  He is a son of JN Bullseye D411 ET.  He combines calving ease with amazing growth traits. 


CHBH  Black Socks 8502

Black Socks combines some of the most well known bulls and cows in the ABHA into one amazing package.  He is double breed to JN Baldee 405. She is one of the most influencial cows in the associaiton.  Black Socks is the son of Jo Black Ops and is homozygous black and homozygous polled.   We are very excited to see what this bull can offer us. 


JO Envision 8601

Previous Herd Sires

We purchased the possesion rights to Jo Boom 3008.  We believe that there is no better looking bull in a pasture then Boom.  Boom calves hit the ground growing.  We are looking for him to really add some power to our cow herd.  We co-own this bull with Jo Bulls.

JO Swagger 6322

We purchased Swagger to use on our heifers.  His sire Bar Z Balder 680 has been a solid calving ease bull and we are excited to see how his calves will turn out.  He should also be a great maternal bull as 680 daughters are excellent mothers.  This bull is Co-Owned with Jo Bulls.

JO Trust Fund 7206

Jo Trust Fund 7206 is the bull that everyone has been waiting for. He is homozygous black and a grandson of NJW 73S M326 Trust 100W ET. He comes from a strong maternal line on the bottom, and has extreme growth and thickness. He had a 111% weaning ratio (737 lbs.), and a 117% yearling ratio (1,252 lbs). Trust Fund froze quality semen at 10 months, and is a standout in every way. 

Semen is $30 dollars a straw.

BW 2.7, WW 43.10, YW 71.86, MM 22.58, M&G 44

BW 72 lbs. 

AWW 737 lbs. 

AYW 1,252 lbs. 

Co-Owned with: JO Bulls, Jenkinds Cattle Ranch, TMC Cattle Co., Coffey Herefords, and Rancho Moreno

"Harland's P606"

JN Balder C245

Co-Owned with Jo Bulls.

Semen: $30 dollar per straw plus shipping

Jo Black Ops 5309

Jo Black Ops was our first pick from Jo Bulls. He is homozygous black and 80%(HB). This is one of only a few homozygous black Lighting sons.  Black Ops has one of the most impressive epd spreads in the ABHA.  His birth weight epd and his yearling weight epd both are in the top 10% of the breed.  We are going to use Black Ops on heifers this year as well as some of our good hereford cows.  I am really excited about this bull because progeny from his herd sire Lighting have been amazing.  Lighting calves are some of the most sought after calves in the ABHA. Black Ops weaned off a very impressive set of calves in the fall of 2017.  His progeny are for sale now. Check out the Bulls for Sale page. 

Semen: $25 per straw plus shipping 


Jo Pounder was one of our two selections from Jo Bulls of Utah.  We feel like these two bulls represent some of the best in the ABHA. Pounder is homozygous black and 62.5%(HB)  I am not sure I have seen a better looking bull as a yearling then Pounder.  This bull had an amazing adjusted wean weight of 758 pounds.  His wean weight Epd puts him in the top 1% of the breed. Jo Pounder is the sire of the Current National Champion Pen of Three Percentage Heifers.

Semen: $25 per straw plus shipping

JN Balder Z071 

Retianed an in herd share for semen.


JN Balder A535 SOLD

We are really excited to introduce JN Balder A535.  He was our pick at the J&N Ranch Bull sell,  He was the number two priced JN Balder 8622 son. Although we fell like he is the best 8622 son that was offered in the sell.  We fell like 8622 is the best Black Hereford Herd Sire produced at this moment in time.  We plan on using him with our new Hereford heifers to produce Purebred Black Hereford calves with Revolution and About Time blood lines.

His EPDS are BW 4.3, WW 47, YW 80, M 10, M&G 34

JN Balder Y498 was the beginning of our Black Hereford herd. He was purchased from J&N Ranch and we are very impresed. He has served us well he is now owned by a commerical ranch in Utah.  I am sure they will be pleased with him.

He was 86lbs at birth, he weighed 587 pounds at weaning, and 1025 pounds as a yearling.

His numbers are bw 2.35, ww 44.25, mm 15.7, yw 72.5